The connection between age and muscle cramps

Leg cramps can be extremely inconvenient and painful. They are debilitating and often take individuals by complete surprise. Many experience leg cramps once they reach age sixty and above, however, many can suffer from leg cramps at a much younger age.

Muscle cramps tend to come on with age because our muscles and nerves wear out and function less effectively the older we get.   Muscles get weaker and nerves undergo some decay with the tissue becoming thin. When that happens, the connections that the nerves make to the muscle become less secure.

About one in three people have leg cramps have at least three per week and some even experience them on a daily basis. Nocturnal leg cramps are one of the most common forms of cramps. Statistics show that up to 60% of adults report they have experienced a nocturnal leg cramp at some point in their lifetime.

There is evidence that remaining active can help limit the frequency and sometimes severity of muscle cramps. Yoga, cycling, and swimming are great low impact options for staying fit and to keep cramps at bay.

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