Life starts where leg cramps stop.

It’s a beautiful spring day, the kind of day that makes you want to live outside forever. The sun is shining and there is a soft sound of birds chirping in the distance. Bill laughs with his grandson Scott as they ride their bikes through the winding park. This is their Sunday ritual and it is finally warm enough to play outside again.

Bill loves being with his grandson and cherishes their precious time together as he gets older. He prides himself on his ability to keep up with a ten year old and how Scott always gushes to his fifth grade class about how much fun his grandpa is.
Bill has been experiencing occasional leg cramps that have become more and more frequent as the year has progresses. All of a sudden he feels a sharp pain that is all too familiar to him and he knows he is getting a leg cramp. Scott notices that his grandpa’s laughter has stopped. He looks over his shoulder to see Bill gripping his leg on the side of the trail. He swings back and rides over to Bill with a worried look on his face.

“Come on grandpa! Why did you slow down?” Bill looks up and sighs, “I’m afraid we are going to have to call it a day little guy, your grandpa isn’t as young as he used to be with these leg cramps”.

Bill tried to cheer Scott up with a milk shake on the way home but couldn’t stop thinking about how much he hated the interruption that leg cramps had become in his life. He explained his concern to a friend and was introduced to Plimoth Baye Naturals.

The quick relief that Plimoth Baye Naturals offers is perfect for Bill’s on the go lifestyle. He loves being active and needed a quick and easy solution in the event of a leg cramp. Now Bill always takes a bottle of Plimoth Baye Naturals with him on the trail. He is free to relax and enjoy his time with Scott. Life is too precious to have to be put on pause by leg cramps.