About Us

Plimoth Baye Naturals was formed by two friends and business partners, both with aging parents that suffer from nighttime leg cramps which definitely put a "cramp" in their respective lifestyles! After some diligent research, we developed our recipe based on a product that has historically been used for fast relief of all kinds of muscle cramps (thus the old-time company name) - apple cider vinegar - and then brought in some 21st century thinking by including important electrolytes to help prevent future muscle cramps - all with a bit of honey for better taste!

Plimoth Baye Naturals and our all-natural leg and muscle cramp remedy was launched after many product variations and a science-based sign off from a registered dietician. Since 2014, we have been selling our effective formula to thousands of people around the country and to select retail stores.

The Founders of Plimoth Baye Naturals are committed to eating healthy and living healthy and that, the best cure can often be found in nature and not in a pill bottle. We stand by our product. Try it, and if it doesn't stop your muscle cramps in about 60 seconds, we will give you a full refund, guaranteed! 

To your good health!

David Brooks & Dan Sullivan